Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Super Somali September Birthday weekend

In case you wanted to know what I did on my birthday, I went with my friend Nimo to visit her friend Hafsa in Nairobi. They are both Somali so I got a taste of Somali culture and what they do for Ramadan. Click here for the pics: Birthday weekend


Victor said...

Oh my goodness!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Why wouldn't you tell anyone, silly. Get over that now and make sure you tell people especially when you're away serving in a foreign country for one year.

Love you. Hope you had a good one. The pics look pretty.

jennifer said...

AHhhhhhh. Happy Birthday. I feel the same way as Victor. I am sorry we missed it. I would have sent you some gringo items from the states!

Tiffany said...

hey elisa! thanks for emailing an update, i'll have to read your blog later cuz I'm actually in Swaziland right now and internet is slow. I'm here until the end of October doing an international rotation so if you're bored.. tiff-at-bipai.blogspot.com. Take care! Even though Kenya and here are very different, I bet in many ways the same -- far from home. love lots, tiffany