Monday, September 29, 2008

Idioms, phrases and slang, oh my!

Though I'm not completely fluent in Kiswahili yet, I've managed to catch at least the Kenyan English lingos and other idiom:
  1. Water the Nation - an releasing...umm... ok its basically just peeing outside since you can't find a toilet anywhere when you're traveling to these remotes places. We "watered the nation" many times during our trip to Northeaster Kenya. I suspect they should be drought-free for a while at least.
  2. Water the Desert - See above; this happened once we got into Chalbi desert.
  3. Looking smart - to look good, stylish, dapper, etc.; I didn't know if I should've been offended when I was told I looked smart because I assumed I looked dumb the other days but I finally got it.
  4. Take - By this I mean I use "take" instead of "have"; I now "take" lunch and I don't "have" lunch
  5. Kenyan Water - Tusker Beer
  6. Chips - Fries
  7. Roasted potatoes - Bigger fries
  8. Good day - Have a good day
  9. Now - Later
  10. 1:30 PM - Tomorrow
  11. Top-up - To refill credit on your phone


Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken that we couldn't meet :(:( had soooo many things to take care of esp. since I had been away for like 8yrs and I only had 2.5 weeks...but you are one person that inspires me :) (yeah..awwww). Know whats funny..some of the things that you notice about our slang...I never notice "take lunch" long are you going to be out there?


Victor said...

I'll water your nation.