Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alas, I am in DC! So far, so good!   As I was taking off on my flight from Houston, it finally hit me  - I'm leaving my beloved Htown and community for a year. I also realized how richly blessed I am to have such loving friends and family who'd:
  • Make me the most amazing scrap book ever
  • Organize an epic night of karaoke filled with dancing, singing and, of course, Asians taking  pictures 
  • Participate and plan a full out, Olympic style field day with food, (again) more dancing, and water balloons (duh)
  • House me when I'm homeless without electricity
  • Allow me more PT on the field :)
  • Drown in sweat with me moving furniture with no AC
  • Drive me everywhere or let me (an Asian female!!) drive their car 
  • Travel afar to visit or road trip with me
  • Visit roller derbies and sleep in attics with me while exploring hipster living 
  • Borrow their laundry machines and fridges
  • Buy me food (<3), witty shirts and thoughtful books/journals 
  • Talk to me for endless hours (even if long distance or at odd hours)
  • Fly with me to DC to move me in
  • Most importantly, LOVE, support, and encourage me to no end
Sorry to be gushy, but yall make my heart beat. After shedding a few tears on the plane, I ordered a bloody mary... STAT. (PS. Southwest don't mess around with their drinks). And I thought about how freaking lucky I am to be surrounded by such love.