Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over the hills, and through...who knows where!

Hello! Well I've made it back alive from my almost 2 week trip in northern Kenya with my project team, APHIA II and the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MOH). This past week has been in-your-face,-up-close-and-personal training. We went through what was the roughest parts of Kenya (basically off-roading since roads are not quite developed yet in most places). We literally got lost in the desert for an hour or so (no joke, we're talking no land marks, just dry, parched, cracked land speckled with camels and ostriches). I was slightly scared but realized that a nearby nomad may consider me to be about 10 camels worth as a bride and I could live happily in the desert forever. Right. I gave the driver a 'if-you-don't-get-us-out-of-here-soon-I'm-gonna-go-ballistic-on-you" look. We made it out eventually.

Anyways, I've lost many precious brain cells jolting in our SUV for a week. Moreover, I think my head is more loosely connected to my body. Awesome. Basically the purpose of the trip was to see the issues these district hospitals, dispensaries and health centers were facing. Apparently, the data quality my team has been receiving hasn't been great or consistent. Plus, much of the northeastern part is disregarded in terms of government aid since not many people are there and its not really a thriving area (e.g. it isn't a profitable place for the government to invest at this point). I could see why since about 3 hours out of luscious green Embu, we hit dry. flat, rocky no-man's land. Kenya is a land of contrast to say the least! Pics from our trip are located here:

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Victor said...

Thanks for sharing about the trip. I love the pick of the warrior who gave directions!