Friday, October 10, 2008

My Close Encounter with Turning African

Funny story:
While strolling in Embu with my friend Anne, I walked past some kids on the street. As usual my "whiteness" attracts attention, especially from little curious children. Of course there was hollering of "How aarreee youuuuu?" followed by pointing, staring, and chattering in Kiswahili. Anne quickly translated to me that they said "Look at the mzungu (foreigner)! Look! Look! Wait! Don't look at her too long! She may turn African like us!"
Whew....that was close....after a few more seconds...who knows??!

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Tiffany said...

i TOTALLY can imagine that situation in my head, especially since just walking to town or wherever I get a lot of "hellooo! gooooodbye!" from all the little kiddos. I usually try to surprise them by saying something in SiSwati back to them :) I bet you they think I'm turning African too!
Take care up there, don't forget to enjoy every moment.