Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soooo what now?

Well I've officially been back in Houston for about 6 months now! Uhhh, wow. I doubt anyone will read this since I haven't been posting for...well 6 months. Life post-Kenya? To be quite honest, I feel rather lost at this time. Call it a pre-mid life crisis but essentially I have no idea what I want to pursue next. Stability in the whole white picket fence, kids, family, job, house thing seem more appealing than before, but then again... I don't think I'll ever shake my travel/culture bug. Maybe I can have my cake and eat it too. Anyways, my time in Kenya definitely reaffirmed my love of working with kids (thanks to my time at the child welfare center in Embu - I still think about what would have happened if I adopted my dear boy, Francis, there) but I'm not sure how I will go about it now. I have volunteered a couple times with an after-school program for refugee kids in Houston and it has been fabulous! Absolutely amazing how many refugees are here in Houston! I love the diversity here. These kids are... well.... also amazing. I have met some who have picked up English (can hold a decent conversation) within a couple months. Can you imagine going to a public school and sitting in class the first day not understanding a lick of what people are saying?! I am continually amazed at the resiliency of children wherever I go. They encourage me to bounce back and press on. Anyways, I guess my posts here on out will be more of how I progress on my career/life path and well, anything else random that comes into mind. My dearest friend Haley will be going to Kenya (ironically enough). Blessing and prayers to her!
My next trip??? Aiming for Morroco or Turkey. :) Inshallah...